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Beyond Growth Inc. | Markham, ON

What We Believe

At Sandler Training in Markham we believe we can help your business.

Our Promise

Together we will achieve the extraordinary.

We Believe...

  • in a strong personal approach.
  • that we've done a good job when a client refers us to other executives in the same company and to friends and acquaintances alike.
  • that your people are everything. As important as image, perspective or innovation we believe that it all begins and often ends with an organization's people. Simply put, you can't expect your people to establish a relationship with your customers if they don't have one with their own company.

We Believe...

  • that experience is vital but experience + training + motivation are much better. The ability of an employee to assume responsibility and to take charge effectively can be rapidly accelerated and the risk of failure reduced through effective training that builds confidence and empowers individuals to assume management and leadership roles.
  • that nobody is perfect, but a team can be.
  • that with the right culture and the right training, ordinary people can achieve the extraordinary.
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Every [coaching] session left me with a sense of enthusiasm and renewed energy. At the end of our coaching program, I was confident to make a crucial decision for myself, my family, and my professional career.

Celine Smith Senior Manager, Events - National and GTA, KPMG Canada


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Tim’s personable speaking style blends passion and a refreshing sense of humour which helps engage sales professionals at all levels. His rich stories and anecdotes of the values, principles and life lessons learned in business captivate both intimate and large audiences.

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Focused on helping individuals and organizations accelerate their sales growth and build a sustainable sales organization.