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Beyond Growth Inc. | Markham, ON


Sales, leadership, and client success training for the
information technology industry & SaaS organizations.

Ask us how we work with tech companies

Technology Challenges

Learn how to identify the most pressing issues your tech solves and project plan with your prospect, and close more deals without discounting, impending events, or added value. We offer proven a proven selling system for technical solutions used by Microsoft, Oracle, Salesforce, Splunk, and many more in the technology space.

We have served sales, leadership, and customer service professionals from thousands of organizations, with millions of participants, around the world for over 50 years. We have developed specialized programs and published books for the Technology industry.

We help tech companies:

  • Find more of your ideals clients and start no-pressure conversations.
  • Build trust through an open, honest exchange of information.
  • Negotiate win-win deals with mutual respect and equal business stature.
  • Meet and exceed your sales and profitability goals!
Tech Team

We help high-tech professionals who are looking to:

  • Selling Cloud Solutions Helping sales organizations increase client consumption of subscription-based offerings versus strictly on premise.
  • Prospecting Utilizing LinkedIn and other social media as part of a comprehensive prospecting plan and imbuing the right mindset, technique and purposeful activity to achieve success.
  • Selling Foundation for New Hires Developing fundamental selling skills for recent college grads, particularly ‘millennials,’ requires a different introduction to selling ground in the dynamics of human behaviour.
  • Enterprise Selling Driving a consistent approach in a team-sell environment where there are multiple buyers, longer sales cycles and complex decision criteria.
  • Management Training Hiring, assessing, managing, coaching, and mentoring best practices including reinforcing a culture of accountability.
  • Talent Acquisition Sourcing, attracting and thoroughly vetting top sales and sales management talent.
  • Selling to the Business Empowering sales reps with questioning strategies to have comfortable conversations with business buyers versus ‘order-taking from IT.

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