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Beyond Growth Inc. | Markham, ON

About Tim Rooney

Tim strives to take the negative out of selling, providing leaders and sales professionals with strategies, systems, and skills needed to close more business.

“It’s what you learn after you know it all that counts.”

Tim Rooney

Sandler Training in Markham was started in 2002 by Tim Rooney and Chris Earl. Together, they formed Rooney Earl & Partners as a blended team of training and marketing consultants. For 19 years Rooney Earl & Partners helped companies align their sales and marketing, adapt to inbound selling, maximize sales, and boost revenue. In 2016, Francesco Ientile joined the team and Tim Rooney, who had been running the business on his own, set out to renew and grow the business.

Refocusing services on developing sales managers, sales teams, management, leaders, and business owners, Francesco and Tim provide services at their Markham based performance centre, on-site services for medium and enterprise clients in Markham and Northern Ontario, and interactive remote services using the latest in Internet technology and learning management systems.

Dedicated to his clients' success

Whether it’s a short briefing to share new information and insights, a workshop to brush up on existing skills, or a program to develop lasting behaviours, habits, and skills, Francesco and Tim work to ensure the investment you make in yourself and your team deliver a positive return on investment.

Originally operating as an authorized licensee of Sandler, the business renamed itself as Sandler Training in Markham and continues to deliver services nationally in Canada through over 20 Sandler training and performance centres. Today, with Francesco Ientile as President and together with Tim Rooney, Sandler Training in Markham is ready to cater to your unique needs as we all adapt and pivot to a drastically changed world.

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