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About Francesco Ientile

Francesco and his team take a holistic approach to business development, strategically assessing all aspects of sales performance, from human resources and operations, to marketing and sales.

Not Your Typical Sales Guru

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Francesco has delivered value around the world, from mentoring and coaching hundreds of global leaders to delivering leadership training to individuals across multiple industries. In the corporate world, he has been a leader in generating results, with 20 years of mastery in developing people and businesses to grow into their full potential. His personal and unique approach draws from decades of cross-functional corporate experience across, helping his teams, departments, and clients become masterful in the areas of their lives that drive their best success.

As a master in leadership and team coaching, he takes his clients’ success as personally as he takes his own. He lives with and demands of himself a level of integrity that aligns with his career and life with the goals of constantly maintaining boldness, vision, and a value-driving mode of leadership. He believes leaders, managers, team members, individual contributors and himself included guarantee success by starting from within and leveraging all their relationships with a firm alignment to what he calls the “Five R’s”. He lives by and holds all his clients accountable to the values of Respect, Responsibility, Reliance (because no one is perfect, but a team can be) and relentless performance measurement against Relevance and Results.

Dedicated to his clients' success

At the end of the day, Francesco takes action that builds trust between his clients and himself. He wants his clients to know he cares for their success even more than they do and he will leverage all his power, resources, and skills to hold them accountable to their best selves in times of ease and especially in times of turbulence, doubts, and uncertainty.

He is at home on the plains of visionary work often seeing through the generalizations of big picture scenarios and identifying tangible priorities in systemic challenges. His knowledge in organizational behavior, cross-cultural relations, leadership, personal development, sales, project management, and process engineering support his ability to deliver results by moving seamlessly from the general to the detail, from the sky level views to the street level day tasks.

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