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Professional and
Financial Services

Sales, leadership, and customer service training for insurance & financial services professionals

Find out how we work with Financial Service Providers

Professional Services Industry Challenges

Non-selling professionals, bankers, insurance agents, and financial planners need sales skills to develop their portfolios and grow their income and influence based on revenue generation. At Sandler, we help you overcome the stigma of selling and develop no-pressure prospecting plans to sell more and sell more easily. 

We help driven professionals who are looking to:

  • Get in front of and set appointments with enough of the right people.
  • Make connections and start more interesting sales conversations.
  • Close deals without discounting and sell at premium prices.
  • Sell more and get more warm referrals.

Selling isn't a dirty word.

You can develop your practice in a professional, respectful manner.

Your business operations probably revolve around systems, processes, and principles—but do you use any of these elements for new business development? Chances are, you may not be as comfortable, competent, or consistent 'selling' your services as you are delivering them.

'Selling' can become a respectable and profitable part of your professional practice, without you or your colleagues sounding like 'stereotypical salespeople.' You don't need to resort to high-pressure, cost-justified, feature/benefit laden presentations, or dance around prospective clients' stalls and objections, or trying to 'close the deal.' You can integrate the same creative, organizational, analytical, and communication skills required by your profession into effective processes and systems to identify, qualify and develop new business opportunities.

Sandler Works in Professional Services!

We have served professional service providers from hundreds of organizations throughout Markham and the GTA for over 20 years. We have developed specialized programs and published books for the financial services industry and work specifically with accountants and financial service providers to grow their businesses.

We help professional firms:

  • Find more of your ideals clients and start no-pressure conversations.
  • Build trust through an open, honest exchange of information.
  • Negotiate win-win deals with mutual respect and equal business stature.
  • Meet and exceed your sales and profitability goals!

Take the next step.

The journey to success starts where you are, and it starts today!

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